Lorien Tear - About My Art

Are you a business looking for a small collection to liven up your workspace? A Family member, friend or colleague seeking the perfect gift? Perhaps an individual with a child and grandparent that never got to meet? Then look no further.

My Art Explained

I am a very passionate artist, specialising in pencil, but able to work in multiple medium. I love to create bespoke and personal pieces that might have both high sentimental value as well as look like great artwork. I regularly produce pictures of families, animals, originals and can even put pictures together to help create a meeting between loved ones that perhaps never got to meet.

Lorein Tear Art

Thinking of ordering

I like to understand exactly what it is that you want from me, so before any order is placed, I like to establish good levels of communication, decide on a photo/ theme and discuss sizing options. The Contact Form allows me to begin to understand what it is you are interested in. There is an upload button for you to attach any pictures you would like produced or any other relevant images you wish me to see.

With prices ranging from £40 it is important to select the right size, which is also available on the Contact Form. Once initial contact has been made via the form, I will respond via email to confirm picture suitability and answer or discuss any ideas you may have.

I’ve created some ‘’out there’ pieces from decorating graduation ribbons as part of a Portuguese tradition to the occasional tattoo design. A4 to life size pieces, so please, if you have an idea or any questions, I'm willing to work with you to try and make it happen!

Lorein Tear Art