Advice/ Guidance - Tips on how to order and how to help me create the best possible product for you

For All work produced...

Ensure photo is an original (not a photo of a photo) If you have a hard copy of a photo, I would recommend scanning it into a computer as a pdf or Jpeg.

The higher quality photo the better

Maximum two people per A4 order. If you would like a group photo of more than two people, sizes are available from A3 upwards.

Is it to be framed/ hung on a wall/ be in a freestanding frame? (Frames not provided unless further discussed) 8x10 or A4 pictures are perfect for a freestanding frame where as wall pictures tend to look better both larger and/or with a blank border around. For wall hung images an option for an A4 drawing on an A3 page (to create a border) is available at a small additional price.

Postage? For pieces A3 or smaller (10x8, A4 and A3) Postage is included in the price. For anything larger postage will be an additional charge and vary according to size.

Payment All pieces once confirmed with myself will require a 50% deposit before starting. This should be made via the payment page with PayPal. The final balance will then be due upon my completion of your piece and prior to postage. *Disclaimer- I try to keep all involved regularly updated with progress. If due to some unforeseen circumstance I am unable to produce the picture agreed upon, the deposit will be refunded. If you decide to cancel an order once deposit has been paid you will not receive a refund.

Specific for Pencil Pieces

All pieces will be signed and set to help prevent smudging or fading before being posted.

Compilation pictures

If you are interested in a ‘compilation’ picture (multiple persons from separate images put together to create one final piece) please remember this is an artificial scenario. Each picture will have different lighting, tone and focus. I ask if you would like a picture of this nature that you try to find pictures where the subjects are all looking in the same sort of direction, ideally at camera. Pictures where the light source does not vary too much and again pictures that are of the highest possible quality.

Stance/ position is often a big factor into achieving these pictures so for that reason I would highly recommend pictures of heads and shoulders only. This eliminates the issue of whether the subject is sitting/ standing. I am able to crop pictures accordingly but please consider that shoulder rotation will impact how the picture is positioned. The compilation pictures often require a lot of communication and providing multiple options of pictures to use is always a bonus.

I am aware that some pictures may be old and therefore limited. I will always try to communicate and work with what I’m given to provide the best possible outcome. Upon receiving your images, I will produce a (or multiple) mock up version of your piece so we can agree on the lay out.

To order conceptual ideas / mixed medium or colour pictures

Please read the ‘advice for all work’ as much of the same applies

Prices for non-pencil medium will be discussed and calculated depending on products/ material used, size, and time. *Deposit still required*

It is unlikely I will be able to offer compilation pictures in colour

Please Enquire - Its FREE!

Conceptual art, mixed medium pieces and collection pieces take much more time and communication to produce. Nothing is off limits! Please use the contact form to put your idea/theme/ request to me and I will respond accordingly!

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